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Wildlife Pest Control Singapore (+ 65-9815-4915) has expanded its range of bat disposal options, helping Singapore customers to safely clean their properties from wild fruit bats and unsanitary droppings.

The local company is announcing the expansion as the latest in a series of measures to improve national access to professional pest control services.

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The new expansion provides Singapore homeowners with modern bat repellency and elimination options. Wildlife Pest Control specializes in providing non-harmful solutions to help keep customers and wildlife safe during and after its services. In this way, the company seeks to preserve the ecosystem while preventing pests from re-entering their customers’ homes or property.

Although fruit bats on their own rarely pose significant threats to human health, their droppings can cause diseases such as histoplasmosis. As such, it is essential that invasive bats are promptly driven out and deterred from entering residential properties. Singapore pest control professionals are equipped to clean up after bats after their humane disposal.

Customers will benefit from the company’s commitment to providing personalized removal options tailored to each unique situation. Knowing that every wildlife or pest situation has its own risks and factors to consider, the company conducts extensive case assessments before identifying optimal solutions.

In bat control situations, the company’s certified team strives to eliminate lingering traces of odors to ensure customer premises will remain bat free for an extended period of time.

A company spokesperson cites the example of a successful bat removal job done for a previous customer.

“Our founder, Jack Pang personally went to do a pest control inspection. He discovered that fruit bats were attracted to nearby fruit trees whose branches extended into gardens. He then designed a custom solution for the bat problem. After pruning the branches, he cleaned the walls before chemically spraying them to deter bats from returning.

With the latest announcement, Wildlife Pest Control Singapore continues to support residences across the country in the fight against dangerous, unhealthy or disturbing pests. Professionals are also able to help clients with rodents, snakes, bees, crows, cockroaches, pigeons, mosquitoes, etc.

Interested parties across Singapore are encouraged to visit for more information on national wildlife professionals and their expert bat control services.

Contact information:
Name: Jack Pang
Email: send an email
Organization: Wildlife Pest Control Singapore
Address: 111 North Bridge Road # 21-01 Peninsula Plaza, Singapore, Singapore 179098, Singapore
Phone: + 65-9815-4915

Version number: 89049987

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