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Kinfield herbal insect repellent: review

Most insect repellents are strong. They look intense, in boxes wrapped in graphics of very aggressive mountain peaks, pine trees and mosquitoes. They smell strong, like death from spray. They have ingredient lists full of chemicals that sound intense. These sprays can come in handy when heading into mosquito infested woods or swamps. But what about when you’re hanging out in the garden, picnicking in the park, or just relaxing at the beach?

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Nichole Powell understands that not everyone wants a face full of DEET every time they go out. she launched Kinfield and his signature Golden Hour Insect Repellent in 2019 to support both rugged outdoor types and “outdoor” people. “The way we think about it is we’re here to get you out of the way that moves you – and if that puts sangria in the park, then that’s cool,” Powell said. “We are not here to tell you that there is a right or a wrong way.”

But Kinfield is here to help you smell great in the great outdoors.

[Photo: courtesy Kinfield]

The brand $ 22 mosquito repellent is designed to be a non-toxic insect repellant that is effective but smells good enough to be worn at social functions. It’s made from six very familiar ingredients (seven if you include water), including mosquito repellent citronella oil, lemongrass, cloves, and vanillin. And it’s housed in a clear spray bottle – Powell wanted literal transparency for his clean skin care brand.

Kinfield has expanded to other functional skin care products including Sunday spray, a refreshing aloe vera spray for sunburns, and Relief Balm, a balm against insect bites that soothes and hydrates irritated skin. This month he published Daily dew, a water-resistant, mineral, broad-spectrum SPF 35 face and neck lotion at $ 24. Inspired by feedback from early testers, the company worked with a fragrance house to develop a salty and lemony bergamot scent inspired by a Portuguese coastal road trip. (“Zinc smells of paint, and it’s just not cute if you put it on your face,” Powell said.) The scent will also be used in future Kinfield products.

[Photo: courtesy Kinfield]

I sprayed on it Golden hour before heading to the shore of the Charles River in Boston, where there is a beautiful bike path, prime picnic areas, and mosquitoes so inevitable they should be registered city citizens. I’m lucky to say that I haven’t had much experience with ticks by the river, despite the tall grass and swampy patches, but the fear is there. Golden Hour smells, in a good way, like those tiki torch candles you burn at barbecues, which makes sense considering it’s made with 10% Indonesian citronella oil.

So far, even with the sweet, sweet temptation to use canned spritz in my veins, applying this product has proven to be effective in preventing bugs from biting. And it’s much nicer to sprinkle myself in Golden Hour than in a canned spray, although $ 22 for 3 ounces makes me pick the right times to hit it.

That said, it’s handy to throw the 3-ounce bottle in my purse for impromptu visits to the park or the beach or particularly buggy restaurant terraces, basically anytime I feel “outside.” “.

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