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Harris Park: Warning after bug spray exploded

The spray exploded with such force that it blew up the windows of a unit and burned the face and body of one of its residents in Sydney.

Firefighters say three people were lucky enough to escape with only minor injuries after a bug bomb exploded so violently it blew up the windows of an apartment in western Sydney.

A team from the NSW Parramatta Fire and Rescue Station arrived at a building in Harris Park on Tuesday evening, where they discovered a dizzy resident with burns to his face and body who was treated by paramedics.

An explosion in the kitchen of one of the apartments blew out each of its windows with such force that some of the frames were blown into the garden next door.

The three residents of the severely damaged apartment assisted firefighters who determined that a flammable bug spray, used in a small space, caused the explosion.

Parramatta branch FRNSW said the spray had accumulated in the kitchen and made contact with an ignition source, resulting in extensive damage but no signs of fire.

“The three residents inside were very lucky to escape with only minor injuries. The apartment and its contents will take much longer to repair, ”the branch said in a statement.

“Remember, it is important to read and follow all instructions on any spray can. Misuse can cause damage, injury or worse.

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