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Environmental Pest Service appoints Bradford CFO – PCT


The Entomological Society of America (ESA) announced the New Certified Associate Entomologists (CEA) and Board Certified Entomologists (BCE) for February / March 2016.

The following list of people recently obtained their ACE, ACE-International, or BCE certification:


Brian Ellsworth, BCE, (Gemtek Pest Control Inc), Boise, ID USA. Certified on 11/2/2016

Stoney William Bachman, BCE, (Blackwater Consulting Services), Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA. Certified on 03/15/2016

ACE and ACE-International:

Marc Richard Charlton, ACE-I, (Abell Pest Control), Kitchener, ON Canada. Certified on 11/2/2016

James K. Dienes, ACE, (Trius Pest Management), Boonton, NJ USA. Certified on 02/06/2016

Jonathan Schoppe, ACE, (Dial Pest Control Inc.), Roseland, NJ, USA. Certified on 02/06/2016

Joshua A. Wilhelm, ACE, (Fumigation Service and Supply, Inc.), Westfield, USA. Certified on 2/12/2016

Frank Ellis, ACE, (Western Pest Services), Maple Shade, NJ USA. Certified on 02/15/2016

Michael Daniel Anderson, ACE, (not supplied), Oceanside, CA USA. Certified on 02/22/2016

Jefferson A Rice, ACE, (Environmental Pest Mgmt Inc.), Indiana, PA USA. Certified on 02/25/2016

George Patrick Clemons, ACE, (George Washington University), Washington, DC USA. Certified on 02/27/2016

Jose Astrong Riano, ACE, (Orkin Pest Control), Lincolnton, North Carolina, USA. Certified on 02/29/2016

R. Brett Madden, Esq., ACE, (Alliance Commercial Pest Control, Inc.), Tinton Falls, NJ USA. Certified on 03/03/2016

Christopher August Davis, ACE, (Florida Pest Control), Gainesville, FL USA. Certified on 3/4/2016


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