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CARY, NC – Bayer Pest Management & Public Health has announced that its digital pest management platform has launched the next generation of the Bayer Rodent Monitoring System (RMS). This latest version includes several system enhancements including a smaller, sleeker sensor design that allows it to accommodate multiple bait stations as well as features that make the system compatible with outdoor environments.

The Bayer Rodent Monitoring System provides Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) and their customers with 24/7 monitoring, catch alerts and down-to-the-minute program verification, freeing up time to focus more on the larger IPM inspections of facilities. While the old system was primarily used in indoor environments, the new system includes the following upgrades that allow for both indoor and outdoor use:

The recently upgraded system can now also count bait station activity as an alternative to immediate alerts.

“The RMS was built on customer feedback, and we continue to improve it as we see how customers want to use it,” said Chris Pienaar, head of transformational innovation at Bayer. “This next-generation system allows customers to better monitor rodent pressure outside of facilities as well as indoors, so they can be proactive in helping to prevent rodents from entering these sensitive facilities. . “

Improvements include a new water resistant sensor and other features for outdoor environments.

The new system can be used in outdoor bait stations and pressure traps in two ways:

1. Count the activity of the rats. In this mode, triggers are collected and reported at a specific interval (i.e. once a week) instead of receiving immediate alerts. This allows the PMP to better identify rodent trend activity and pressure at specific locations as well as estimate bait consumption.

2. Receive immediate alerts. In this mode, sensors are equipped with instant traps and capture alerts are immediately sent during a snapshot or capture. This flexibility is ideal when baiting is not desired.

“The purpose of RMS is to help PMPs and their susceptible customers prevent, correct and predict rodent problems,” said Peter Jardine, Marketing and Strategy Manager for Digital Pest Management. “Our improved system helps improve all of these outcomes, helping PMPs better protect businesses and their customers’ reputations from the risks associated with rodents. “


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