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EcoKleenSolar, a niche company in a fast-growing sector

EcoKleenSolar offers a niche business opportunity in the growing solar energy sector.

Solar power in Australia has exploded in recent years and, according to the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Regulator (CER), in mid-November Australia hit the 3 million small-scale solar systems milestone on the islands. rooftops.

That figure equates to solar panels in place on one in four homes, and a growing number of non-residential buildings are adopting the practice as well.

CER reports 30% year-on-year growth for the solar photovoltaic sector (rooftop solar panels) from 2017 to 2020.

Now that blockages are easing, the Clean Energy Regulator expects installations to resume and set a new annual record of around 3.2 gigawatts installed for the full year, with more than 400,000 solar installations receiving power. incentive from the Commonwealth this year.

EcoKleenSolar has developed a service business that is set to grow as the use of solar panels continues to flourish.

Regular cleaning of the panels is necessary to keep solar installations operating at optimum levels,[inspectionsincludethermalimagingtocheckfor”hotspots”onpanelsandpestmanagementtopreventbirdsandanimalsfrombeingdisplayedunderthepanels[lesinspectionsincluentl’imageriethermiquepourvérifierles« pointschauds »surlespanneauxetlagestiondesparasitespourempêcherlesoiseauxetlesanimauxdenichersouslespanneaux[inspectionsincludethermalimagingtocheckfor“hotspots”onpanelsandpestcontrolmanagementtopreventbirdsandanimalsnestingunderneathpanels

These services are therefore provided by EcoKleenSolar.

As an EcoKleenSolar franchisee, you will both provide these essential maintenance services, deal with customers and grow your business.

It is an affordable entry-level franchise, with a capital investment of just $ 24,497. It can be operated full-time or part-time and is accompanied by support and training.

There are no pre-requisite skills, incoming franchisees complete a three-day training program in Queensland, learning all operational processes and receiving ongoing marketing support.

EcoKleenSolar is part of EcoGroup Franchising, which also offers roof and exterior maintenance services.

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