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Aptive Lands on List of Fastest Growing Utah Companies – PCT

DALLAS – In the 50 years since the Bureau of Labor Statistics tracked workplace injuries, the incidence rate has dropped by 75%. This sharp decline is attributed to greater awareness, education and training of employees on how workers can perform their jobs safely.

PestSure, a dedicated and professionally owned insurance provider in pest control, leads the fight for safety in the pest control industry. To continue the pursuit of building an industry-wide safety culture, PestSure policyholders gathered in Clearwater, Fla. On October 5-6 for the annual Safety and Security Conference. prevention of losses of captive insurance.

The two-day event attracted over 100 pest control professionals seeking to learn and share best practices in safety and risk management. Participants participated in several sessions focused on safer fleet management, enhancing safety culture, the enigmatic world of experience modifiers and how to navigate the evolving insurance market.

“The Security and Loss Prevention conference is part of PestSure’s secret sauce,” said Todd Burke, COO of PestSure. “The agenda is full of topical and relevant topics that are specific to pest management and the collaborative spirit for which the industry is known is evident with the attendees. There is no meeting like this in the industry and our policyholders receive tremendous value by attending.

Featured presentations covered hot topics impacting how the industry designs and implements its safety and risk management practices, including:

• Commercial Vehicle Prosecution Reform – Bobby Jenkins, ABC Home and Commercial

• Claims Monitoring and Industry – Kevin Lederer, Go Command

• Drug Laws and Employees – Bill Judge, Drug Testing Compliance

• Reducing the risks associated with cyber threats – David Finz, Alliant

Celebrating 41 years as a valuable industry resource, PestSure provides insurance, security and risk management advice to pest management companies accounting for $ 2 billion in revenue, $ 750 million in mass salary and more than 16,500 service vehicles.

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